I am sure you are all working hard with your teams to deliver the PCCF. I hope all practices have had the PCCF software installed, and those of you who had the chance to test it, that it is working.

I would like to hear from you with any challenges or difficulties you may have with the delivery of the PCCF and I will convey these issues to the Primary Care Development Managers who are very keen to assist with any queries and support you may need.

Premises Reimbursable Rent Increases, Non Reimbursable User Charges

Practices who are in ‘LIFT’ buildings /other similar premises have been presented with increases to their rent (which is reimbursable) but more importantly with substantial increases in non-reimbursable charges. These unacceptable rises in expense have not been discussed with practices and no explanation is forthcoming from Community Health Partnership (CHP) who manage NHS Property Services.

It is recommended that practices pay the rent which is reimbursable, but invite the appropriate person from CHP to discuss the changes steep rise in charges before agreeing them.

Invitation to Open Meeting

You are invited to attend our Open Meeting taking place on Wednesday 27th July, 7.30-9.00pm at the Park Inn Hotel, West Bromwich.

The main topic will be ‘New Models of Care and Emerging Themes’.

Claire Parker (Chief Officer of Quality, SWBCCG) will be our guest speaker. To book your place please email admin@sandwelllmc.com.

Opportunity to Become an LMC Member

I would like to take this opportunity to invite expressions of interest to become an LMC member. This is an excellent opportunity to be involved in shaping the future of general practice. If you are interested please contact Hayley Haworth for further information (admin@sandwelllmc.com).

Workforce Analysis

GPs, Nurses and other Primary Care Support staff. Suggestions have already been expressed to look at new models of provision of Primary Care services in view of the current recruitment crisis which poses huge challenges.

Blue Bags

I am sure you will all remember the issue with the blue bags.

The matter remains in dispute with NHSE but BMA law have agreed to take our case forward. I have supplied the details of the case, and how this issue has affected our practices financially. A decision has yet to be made.

Appraisal / Revalidation

The RCGP has approved a new Guide to Supporting Information for Appraisal and Revalidation (March 2016) that aims to reduce inconsistencies in interpretation and simplify and streamline the recommendations. It is designed to ensure that any areas where there has been a lack of clarity are better understood. The guide confirms that:

  • All time spent on learning activities associated with demonstrating the impact of learning on patient care, or other aspects of practice, can be credited as continuing professional development (CPD).
  • Quality over quantity – GPs should provide a few high quality examples that demonstrate how they keep up to date, review what they do, and reflect on their feedback, across the whole of their scope of work over the five year cycle.
  • Only incidents that reach the GMC level of harm need to be recorded as Significant Events in the portfolio. Reflection on all such Significant Events is a GMC requirement and must be included whenever they occur.
  • GPs only need to do a formal GMC compliant colleague survey once in the revalidation cycle (like all doctors).
  • There are many forms of quality improvement activity and they are all acceptable to demonstrate how you review the quality of what you do, and evaluate changes that you make. There is no requirement for GPs to do a formal two cycle clinical audit once in the five year cycle.

The RCGP recognises that GPs need to be supported by their College in resisting inappropriate additional bureaucracy and is working with key stakeholders to look at reducing the regulatory burden.